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Help me with depression

d2Millions of people throughout the world suffer from mental conditions like anxiety and depression.  Surveys indicate that 1 in 5 Americans bear these health outcomes. Depression and anxiety can manifest in individuals who experience the loss of a loved one, financial distress, or natural disasters. Holidays can also draw out these mental conditions. A depressed person can experience feelings of sadness and anxiety for weeks; in some cases, years.

Signs of Depression

Here are some signs of depression:

  • Decreased energy, fatigue
  • Restlessness, irritability
  • Feelings of helplessness, guilt, and/or worthlessness
  • Feelings of pessimism and/or hopelessness
  • Appetite loss or overeating
  • Difficulty making decisions, concentrating, and remembering details
  • Thoughts of suicide, or suicide attempts
  • Persistent headaches, cramps, aches and pains
  • Digestive problems that don’t get better after treatment
  • Excessive sleeping or insomnia

Help with DepressionHelp Me With My Depression

Unfortunately, many people do not seek help when they experience extended bouts of depression or anxiety. People who are suffering from these conditions should look for help as soon as possible. Most adults with these symptoms will see an improvement if they are treated with psychotherapy, antidepressant drugs, or a combination of both. Recent research indicates that people who have less than a high school education and minorities are less likely to be diagnosed with depression.

  • It’s important to take action!
  • Try not to allow shame or hopelessness stop you, a member of your family, or a friend from getting medical support.
  • If someone you care about or you are in a crisis, immediately seek help.
  • Talk to a trained counselor by calling the 24-hour hotline of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.
  • Visit a nearby health care provider or emergency department.
  • Call 911

More information is available for you to read pertaining to depression, anxiety, and other chronic conditions at the National Institutes for Health’s website.  Click on the following link for more information: NIH Do you have any thoughts, advice, or suggestions?  We want to hear from you.  Feel free to leave a comment below.

About the author: George Zapo, CPH is certified in Public Health Promotion and Education (Kent State University). George focuses on providing informative articles promoting healthy behavior and lifestyles.

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  • Dr. C. E. DeLeon

    Being a fact that no one can catch depression, anxiety, compulsive behaviors, etc., nor your brain chemicals are out-of-whack and are “causing” these “mental illnesses”… I will agree with the first part of your suggested approach of getting help from a trained & experienced psychotherapist! The part of taking any psycho-active medications altering your brain chemistry should be the least venue to use, unless, the behavior observed has gotten out of hand and some temporary measures need to be taken!

    I will recommend, to anyone experiencing any kind of negative life changes or a failing relationship (or absence of ) buy and read the Book, “Choice Theory”, by William Glasser, MD. For answers to questions or for suggestions, please, e-mail me … candidi72@gmail.com

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and suggestions, Dr DeLeon!

      I agree, in that psycho-active medication should be the last alternative in coping with depression. However, in some cases it may be necessary.

      Nonetheless, as the article and you point out, there is help for those who might need assistance in dealing with depression.

      It’s important to choose wisely.

  • Ken Kinstle

    Good article that I hope will help many people George. A big problem that many people suffer with. I have in the past but found that I had a vitamin B12 deficiency. I also found that regular b12 supplements do not help as they are not absorbed in my system. My wife and I both use a sublingual B12 that really works for us.. When I keep my levels of B12 high I feel great, if I forget to take it the symptoms will start to return after a period of time.. This is our experience..
    My B12 story is located at http://needvitaminb12.com/my-b-12-story/ Thanks for helping others George, keep up the good work..

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences, Ken.

      It’s a pleasure to know you and your wife are doing well with regards to your supplements.

      I am also fortunate in taking supplements that improve my health, strength, and enhance my mood: http://www.onlyatgbg.com/TinaBosela

      A proper diet is also very beneficial.

      Thanks, again for you encouraging words!

  • Adam "TheWealthySon"

    That was a great post George and more and more people are suffering from depression and dont even know it. THey are wondering why almost area of their lives are having decrease and some unfortunately never admit it so that they can get help because of pride.

    • Thank you, Adam!

      You bring up a very pertinent point.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  • Tina Bosela

    Great Article George!

    I really found this article interesting and educational.

    The link NIH that you provided goes into more details about depression.

    Thank you,


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