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Healthy Habits — Promoting Healthy Behavior and Lifestyles

Healthy Habits strives and focuses on researching public, global, and environmental health issues…while providing informative articles promoting healthy behavior and lifestyles.

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Healthy Habits Topics

The following are Healthy Habits:main categories.  Click on the red, underlined topic for more articles.

Public Health Articles pertaining to emerging issues in public health, including social and behavioral aspects of preventing disease and public health research.

      • Mental Health — Articles pertaining to mental health.
      • Domestic Violence — Signs of domestic violence — steps to take in order to find safety and security.
      • Child Abuse and Neglect — Child abuse and neglect articles.
      • Healthy Diet — Articles pertaining to healthy dieting, safe and cautious eating habits.
      • Family Health — Family health articles, including habits and good living practices for a healthier life.

Global Health Global health relates to entire populations. Articles in this category cover ways to reduce disparities and provide protection and support against global health threats.

      • Diseases — Articles pertaining to various diseases and how to prevent them.

Environmental Health Environmental health articles that help living good and saving money using ecological practices for a safe environment.

Articles Motivational and inspiring articles posted on the Healthy Habits website.

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Our Mission

Readers can trust our content as a source for forming better health and overall wellness.

Our mission is to advance people’s understanding and knowledge of our environment and health; while providing solutions to our most pressing health-related and environmental issues and concerns.

Readers will also find news and articles pertaining to subjects that range from health of humans, as well as ecosystems, wildlife, and our environments.