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Healthy Habits strives at providing material to inform people on how to avoid harmful products and lifestyles.

Readers can trust our content as a source for forming healthy habits for better health and overall wellness.

The Healthy Habits mission is to advance people’s understanding and knowledge of our environment and health; while providing solutions to our most pressing health-related and environmental issues and concerns.

Readers will also find news and articles pertaining to subjects that range from health of humans, as well as ecosystems, wildlife, and our environments.

For more than a decade, George Zapo, CPH has concentrated and strived on providing informative and helpful articles on global, public, and environmental health.

About Healthy Habits with George Zapo

George Zapo, CPH is certified in Public Health Promotion and Education (Kent State University).

George is also a member of The National Society of Leadership and Success, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Golden Key International Honour Society, and National Honor Society in Journalism and Mass Communication.

George received a Performance Plus Award for outstanding customer service and professionalism from Dell and IBM; 40 Performance Improvement Awards from Hughes Aircraft Corp, and a Presidential Award for outstanding customer service and company dedication from Wiltel Corp.

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