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Is lemon water good for you

Is lemon water good for youIs lemon water good for you

Is lemon water good for youIs lemon water good for you?  Healthcare professionals and nutrition enthusiasts recommend lemon and water as part of a daily diet because of the numerous and variety of therapeutic properties both have to offer. Drinking lemon with warm water is especially beneficial to our health.

Why is lemon water good for you?

Lemons are a type of fruit with an abundant amount of vitamin C.  However, that’s not all.  Lemons provide us potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, citric acid, and calcium, as well.

A little lemon juice, or preferably an organic freshly squeezed lemon added to warm water each day helps your digestive system in a variety of ways.  Warm water is preferred over cold water because cold water shocks our body and slows down digestion.

Research indicates that lemons are beneficial to the liver.  Lemons have citrus bioflavonoid, or hesperidin, which is quite favorable in preventing damage to the liver.

There’s merely 25 calories in one glass of lemon juice and water.  Lemon juice stimulates gastric juices and the flow of saliva; some healthcare professionals recommend it for losing weight.  The pectin fiber found in lemons helps in making you feel satisfied and full.  Drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice and warm water in the morning is a far better choice for losing weight than drinking coffee with added ingredients, like sugar and cream.

More health benefits of drinking water and lemon

Lemon water also helps in preventing infections and diseases by averting pathogenic bacteria from multiplying and growing.

In addition, warm lemon water dissolves uric acid and reduces inflammation and pain, which is a relief for people suffering with knee and joint discomfort, as well as gout.

Lemon water contains collagens, essential for people who want healthier skin.  The collagen, citric acid, and vitamin C in lemons and lemon juice remove age spots in many individuals.  People have noted that age spots eventually disappear when a little lemon juice is applied on the age spot for 5 or 10 minutes each day.

The collagen also helps in bringing back elasticity in skin and prevents sagging.  Mixing lemon juice in with a moisturizer and applying the mixed ingredients to the skin each day helps prevent sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Lemon water enhances brain and nerve cells.  The potassium found in lemons will help you feel more alert.

Lemon water also enriches our immune system and flushes toxins out of our bodies.

Lemons are a great source for pectin fiber, which is highly beneficial for colon health.  It prevents diarrhea and relieves constipation, as well.  It also encourages the production of bile, so when having difficulty relieving ourselves, drinking some warm lemon water helps to get things going.

Please note that the citrus acid found in lemon juice is harmful to the enamel of your teeth.  It is best to use lemon juice or lemons in a diluted form.  In addition, consider rinsing your mouth after drinking lemon water in order to protect your teeth enamel.  Nevertheless, lemon water is good for you for a variety of reasons.

Global growth in lemon consumption up 150 percent

Is lemon water good for you?  It can be in more ways than one.  The health benefits found in the lemon fruit include favorable prevention, healing, and cleansing effects.

However, lemons are now helping to boost the global economy.  Sales of lemon have skyrocketed.  Lemon consumption around the world has increased 150 percent this year.

Some suspect the increased demand and sale of this fruit is due to climate change and a growing economy.  Last year, a large freeze affected lemon crops in California, Chile, and Argentina.  In addition, there has been a shortage of limes.

With the huge lime shortage, consumers decided to purchase lemons, instead.  Now, hotels around the world use lemons in cocktails and restaurant across the globe serve lemon and water to their clientele.

Moreover, people are using lemons for garnishes in cooking, beauty and health aids, and a natural active cleaning agent.  Incorporating lemon and water as part of a daily diet may be a healthy habit to consider.

Is lemon water good for youIs lemon water good for you

About the author: George Zapo, CPH is certified in Public Health Promotion & Education (Kent State University.) George’s goal is to help to advance people’s understanding and knowledge of our environment and health; while providing solutions to our most pressing health-related and environmental issues and concerns.