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Kombucha – The Immortality Tea

kombuchaThe Kombucha is healthy drink which is made by Japanese fungus tea – Kombucha.  It was used for centuries in Eastern Europe, Russia and Japan. The origin of the name is Japanese and it was mentioned for the first time at year 415 AD.

At the ancient times the kombucha was privilege only for emperor’s houses and it was some kind of untouchable secret of Japan. Couple of thousands years ago the Japanese Emperor invited the Chinese Emperor to visit Japan. At farewell ceremony the courteous host wanted to give something precious to his honored guest as a remembrance of his visit to Japan. That gift was kombucha. So since that time the kombucha had the same treatment of precious secret also in Beijing’s Forbidden City. But the Chinese emperor was a generous man. His wish was to give a gift to his poor village nation and he introduced the kombucha to his people. Since that time kombucha started its trip through Asia to Europe and to the rest of the world.

The kombucha has long time tradition for Russian people also. This healthy drink was called ”tea kvass”.

From Russia the “magic” drink spread further to Prussia, Poland, Germany and Denmark and it was very popular for a long time. But suddenly the interest for kombucha unexpectedly disappeared at the times of World War II. At the years after the war Dr.Rudolph Skelnar reintroduced the kombucha in Germany by using its features at treatments against cancer and other metabolic disorders as also as anti-hypertension medicine and diabetes supplement.

Kombucha is a fungus with a flat discus shape and it is gelatin-like membrane. It lives into solution made by tea and sugar and it reproduces itself continuously. The flat disc starts to spread and to wide through the whole tea surface and then it starts to thicken. If the kombucha is raised at regular way it grows and germinates.

During the processes of fermentation and oxidation there are many complex chemical reactions going on into the tea solution. The fungus feeds itself by sugar and it releases many substances which are products of its metabolism. Some of them are: glucuronic and lactic acid, vitamins, amino acids, antibiotic substances etc. That’s the reason that kombucha very often is called “biochemical factory”.

What the ingredients at kombucha liquid and which is its function?

The kombucha contains much more quantities of vitamin C than the lemon does. There are also vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12 and different kinds of enzymes. It is very important to note the presence of lactic acid at quantities up to 3ml/l of kombucha liquid.

The most important component of kombucha solution is the glucuronic acid. The modern science still cannot produce this acid artificially. It is usually produced at our liver in order to clean our blood. It removes the harmful substances which our organism is receiving daily through the food, air and water. These substances are removed through our gall bladder and intestines as also through our kidneys at urine as glucoronides (chemical compounds made by glucuronic acid and metabolism by-products).

At normal circumstances our liver produces appropriate quantities of glucuronic acid, but sometimes these quantities are not enough to keep our organism free of toxins. It usually happens when our body receives extra quantities of toxins from our outer environment. This leads to deficiency of glucuronic acid and it is a very good condition for starting of cancerous processes and other degenerative diseases.

The anti-biotic substance into kombucha liquid is actually one type of acid which posses anti-biotic and partly anti-virus properties.

What is kombucha used for?

At Asian countries of Far East the kombucha was used since the ancient times as effective treatment against fatigue, lack of physical strength, nervousness, aging, constipation, blood vessels diseases, rheumatism, diabetes etc.

Russian people consider kombucha as healing substance against all diseases and there it is called – “the secret Russian domestic medicine”.

At the first book dedicated to kombucha it is described as medicament for inflamed throat,  stomach problems, intestine inflammatory processes, as a prevention against diarrhea and hypertension, sclerosis etc.

Kombucha – universal medicine

There are many positive experiences by people which had used kombucha to heal or to prevent different kinds of diseases and health problems. We read and hear about it every day. The kombucha solution is also very refreshing drink, but its curative actions are those which is kombucha most famous.

It is scientifically proved that many of its components which possess anti-biotic and detoxification properties are playing big role into biochemical processes into our body.

The kombucha is great regulator of intestine activity. Using this fresh kombucha tea you can avoid the constipation and hemorrhoids problems. It is also very useful for improvement of intestinal flora. This drink has a slightly tart flavor, but still it doesn’t increase acidity in our stomach and it helps the food digestion. The kombucha tea is also very often used at treatments of inflamed kidneys, gallbladder and inflamed urinary tract. Metabolic products of kombucha have a great positive influence at cell regeneration processes which makes this tea excellent medicine at arteriosclerosis.

– It is remarkable its influence at blood cleaning processes and at removing of toxic substances. Namely, it stimulates the metabolism and it eliminates all toxic ingredients.

– Kombucha successfully heals the long-term headaches, joint pains, rheumatic pains, aging problems etc. Its positive affect could be felt very soon (couple of days) and it is recognized by improved general condition of our organism and increased physical performances.  

Kombucha – The Killer of Cancer

Kombucha is well known by its strong anti-septic attributes. It cleans the endocrine system and it neutralizes the urine acid – which is very important at cancer treatments especially at early stages of this terrible disease. It is proved that this tea improves the defense mechanism of our body and it helps the production of interferon. Kombucha removes the metabolic by-products and that way it helps the regulation of pH at our blood. Detoxification made by glucurone acid improves the general condition of our organism. Maybe that is the reason that people of Lithuania think of kombucha as a magic healing solution.

Dr.Dan Pon from Japan prepared a long list of diseases which could be healed by kombucha. This list was made as a result of his long-time experimenting with kombucha. Some other experts extended this list by adding some other treatments of diseases such as:

– Kombucha extends the life time of any organism

– It prevents the wrinkle appearance

– It prevents the cancer and it improves breathing and it makes it easier

– Kombucha helps at artrosis treatments and it has very good effect at rheumatism treatment

– It cleans our blood vessels and it helps the regeneration of cell membranes

– It prevents the heart stroke- Kombucha improves the flavor of the meals

– It helps at liver diseases- Kombucha helps at weight loss treatments

– It removes the fatigue and seasickness

– It helps the treatment of herpes and measles

– It strengthen the leg muscles

– Kombucha improves the potency

– It improves the kidney function

– It helps for gallbladder normal functioning

– It stops diarrhea- Kombucha heals hemorrhoids

– It has positive effect at hair growth and hair quality

– It removes the cholesterol

– It helps the useful micro flora at our intestinal system

– Kombucha improves the general immunity

– It normalizes the acidity of organism

Does the usage of Kombucha have some side effects?

The kombucha is rich with organic acids and sometimes that is the reason of appearance of some allergic reactions at people which are sensitive to these kinds of acids.  

Can Kombucha be used by children?

All scientific examinations haven’t found any harmful effect at consuming Kombucha tea by kids. The quantity of alcohol ingredients into Kombucha tea is at the same level as into any of fruit juices which are consumed by children daily. It is not recommended to be used by children under the age of 1 year, since it contains bacteria and enzymes which could cause stomach and digestion problems.

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