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UFO secret finally revealed after decades of silence

My ufo secret

Here’s the story of my UFO secret.

When I was nine years old I started my first job delivering morning newspapers on a paper route for the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

I got up every morning at 5:00 AM, seven days a week and delivered the early morning newspaper to 125 houses in a wooded suburb of Warrensville Heights, Ohio.

To my credit, I had the route for more than three years and didn’t miss one day of delivering papers.

But, back to my UFO secret experience…

My UFO secret chain of events

One morning, as I was just about half-way done with delivering the newspaper, at around 5:45 AM, as I stood on top of the hill of my delivery route, I saw an Unidentified Flying Object, a UFO going across the sky.

I panicked!

I ran down the hill with the remaining papers, threw them in the customer’s screen doors and milk chutes, and ran home, non-stop for nearly a mile.

When I got home, I jumped in my bed, pulled the bedcovers over my head and body, and waited until it was time for me to go to school.

I knew I couldn’t tell my mother or sister (or anyone else for that matter) what I saw for fear that the “aliens” would come and get me!

When I was young, I was an avid horror film and science fiction fan; I still enjoy watching them to this day.

I read books by authors like H. G. Well’s War of the Worlds, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Jules Verne, and all the Famous Monsters magazines I could get my hands on from the old five-and-dime stores, like Woolworth’s or Kresges.

GhoulardiI also made it a habit every Friday night at 11:20 PM to watch the Ghoulardi Shock Theater show on WJW, Channel 8.

Ghoulardi  showed the old cult films like Plan 9 from Outer SpaceI Married a Monster from Outer-Space, and The Island of Lost Souls, to name a few.

I even started a “Ghoulardi Fan Club.”

The UFO came again!

So, back to my UFO secret sighting.

The next day, gripped with fear, I reluctantly went to my paper route and disbelievingly SAW THE UFO again!  It was coming from the east, going west just like the previous day.

For four days I didn’t speak to anyone—people were asking me what was wrong, but I wouldn’t tell them for fear that the aliens would snatch me up.  It was my UFO secret!

Finally, I gave in and told my mother.

She explained—what I really saw was an airplane.  Cleveland Hopkins Airport was about 15 or 20 miles west of where we lived.

An airplane?

Young GeorgeIn my defense, please keep in mind that in the late 50s and early 60s there wasn’t that much air travel and airplanes.  Jets were as rare as snow in the Death Valley desert, in the month of July.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

In closing, I became more inquisitive as the years moved on.  I did not refrain from asking questions when I didn’t understand things.

When I graduated from high school I was voted “The Most Inquisitive.”  Just call me “Curious George.”

What I learned from this experience is to ask questions–don’t hold back!

After all, you may be going about things the wrong way for your business, or your personal life.

There are people all over the world willing to help you with whatever obstacles or problems you face in your life.

There you have my UFO secret.  Have you had any UFO experiences?

About the author: George Zapo is certified in Public Health Promotion and Education (Kent State University). George provides informative articles promoting healthy behavior and lifestyles.

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  • Bravo, George, you make an excellent point about asking questions.
    I’ve seen some weird unidentified things back in the day. I also know that testimonies can be very twisted by not having all the facts_ yet, get a lot of attention.
    George, will we humans ever learn?

  • Robynn

    I saw 3 when I was in my 20’s with a friend. We watched them do these mathematical precise moves throughout the night sky for hours. I have always believed we are not alone and that they are here on earth now.

  • enah

    wow! that’ s a good one. when you ask questions you set the ball of knowing and getting better rolling, its a smart thing to do.

    Thanks Zapo

  • Tina Bosela


    What a great way to start out an article.

    The story really grabbed me. I like how you ended it by saying to ask questions.

    If you don’t ask then you won’t get answers.



  • Pretty insightful. Thanks!

    • You’re welcome, Adrien…thanks for taking the time to read and comment, as well!

  • Jae Alexander

    Interesting article. I enjoyed reading it & love your take. I saw an UFO when I was a kid too. I still don’t know for sure what exactly it was, but everyone I described it to said it was probably a satellite. Although, I would’ve thought a satellite would’ve been to far up to see with the naked eye.

    Anyways, it’s true what you say about asking questions. Life is all about questions. I find a great question to ask daily is, “How does it get any better than this?” Ask it for all situations ~ the good, the bad & the down-right ugly! ~ and the Universe always responds by showing/giving you something better.

    • Thank for reading and sharing your thoughts, Jae! Also thanks for sharing your perspective on how our Universe plays a critical part in our lives!

  • Mark Edward Brown

    Hi George,

    I have never witnessed a UFO but I like the message of your blog post and it’s great to know there are entreprenuerial supporters like you in the world.

    Always with my best regards,

    ~ Mark Edward Brown

    • Mark, thank you for reading my latest entry and for sharing your kind words!

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