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Key players in global health

World HungerMore than 1 billion people in the world survive on less than $1.25 per person per day.  These less fortunate people usually grow food on small plots of land to feed their household.

Most unfortunately, natural disasters like floods and droughts force households to starve because of failing crops.

Ironically, the world produces enough food to feed everyone; however, over 1 billion people are undernourished.  The principle reasons people lack food are because of scarcity of land to grow crops, not enough food or money to pay for food; in essence–poverty!

Poverty is the cause of babies not getting vaccinated and why millions of people do not have clean water or sanitation and millions of children are dying from preventable disease like malaria, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and measles.

Key Players in Global Health

Bill and Melinda Gates with Warren BuffettOrganizations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are working diligently to provide education, vaccinations, health care workers, infrastructure, food, and clean/safe water to millions of people around the world.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a non-profit organization built on the principles of equity with regards to health on a global scale.

The founders and members stand by the belief that every life has equal value.  Their work involves providing assistance to people for fruitful and healthy lives.

One of their objectives and main focus is giving people a chance to improve their lives and elevating impoverished people from hunger and intense poverty.

A Little History

In December 1994, the William H. Gates Foundation was formed and later, in 2000, the foundation name was changed to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Child Health CareIn 1998 the foundation provided $100 million for vaccine programs on a global level.  The foundation emphasized and focused on building teams, strategies, and organizations with initiatives in global health, education, and libraries.

The foundation’s Global Health Program Leadership Team focuses in ways to improve health conditions in developing countries.  Other management teams are organized to provide science and technology to save lives in developing countries using sustainable ways and means to improve the delivery of training, technology, and health care.

Moreover, they assist developing countries in research and development of interventions, like drugs, diagnostics, and vaccines.

More specifically, they work on infectious diseases in building up ways to fight and prevent diarrhea diseases, malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, to name a few.  Furthermore, they incorporate solutions for health concerns by providing material and training in nutrition, child health, tobacco control, education on healthy habits, and family planning.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ProgramsThe foundation strives for more and better resources, effective policies, approaches in identifying obstacles and providing knowledge and science in localities where they lack tools to provide better health care.

Recommendations to Get Needed Support

A recommendation worth considering is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s lack of advertising and promotion to the public indicating and sharing their goals, objectives, and successes in providing health and economic advancement for improvised people throughout the entire world.

In order for the foundation to strengthen partnerships on a global level they must increase awareness of their cause by using different forms of social media, broadcast media, and newspaper advertisements.

Nonetheless, with the support of individuals like Warren Buffett, Bill and Melinda Gates, and other charitable contributions, the foundation has been providing necessary preventive health, education, technology, and support for less fortunate people globally.

End Starvation

Are You Going to Help?

By years end are you going to make a resolution–are you going to help by making small monthly donations, or offer your time and effort to support worthy organizations to help those in need:  organizations like UNICEF, CARE, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, or Save the Children?  Can you fit it into your schedule and budget?

Can you recommend an organization or suggest ways we can help children that can’t help where they were born or why their families live in poverty?

If you’re unwilling or incapable of helping any non-profit organizations with a small donation to assist in providing health care and food to starving, ill, and dying people in need of support would you consider sharing your reasons and concerns with us?

About the author: George Zapo is certified in Public Health Promotion and Education (Kent State University). George provides informative articles promoting healthy behavior and lifestyles.

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  • You can’t say enough good about Bill and Melinda Gates. They are truly committed to making the world a better place. As one example, their foundation has pledged $355 million (to be matched with $200 million raised) to Rotary International’s campaign to eradicate polio. Pretty amazing. Thanks, George, for the reminder of good work done to date, as well as the challenges that lie ahead.

    • Thank you as well, Tom! It’s great to hear from you! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and additional information about philanthropic successes and challenges we face.

  • Fred

    Wonderful blog. Save the Children is one of the programs that I support with my heart. Again, wonderful post.

    • Fred, thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this article!

      More importantly, thank you for sharing in your support of those in need and offering us one of your programs dear to your heart! Take good care…

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