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Is bottled water safer?

Healthy Habits WaterDrinking bottled water is one of the latest trends.  Is bottled water safer than tap or municipal water?

Overall, approximately $15 billion are spent by Americans on bottled water, every year.  This comes out to be about 28 million bottles of water!

Keep in mind, these figures are only derived from what Americans spend and purchase—not what people in other countries throughout the world do with respect to purchasing bottled water.

On a global scale, 160 billion liters (42 billion gallons) are consumed within a year’s time frame.

Is Drinking Bottled Water a Healthy Habit?

Most people believe they are exhibiting healthy habits by drinking bottled water; they think it is safer than tap or municipal water.

However, public health professionals claim that municipal water is safer than bottled water because most major cities have a water supply testing process that tests (every hour) for about 25 different chemicals and pathogens; whereas bottled water requirements are less meticulous.

Check this out!

Within the United States approximately one-fourth of the bottled water sold in today’s market is reprocessed municipal water.

In addition, many manufactures of the bottled water draw their water from water aquifers that may or may not be safe for consumption.  Additionally, in China two-thirds of the bottled water contained dangerous levels of toxins and pathogens.

Bottled Water in LandfillUnfortunately, over 80% of the plastic bottled water containers end up in landfills even though they are easily recyclable.  In other countries it’s even worse with respect to recycling plastic water bottles.

The average energy cost to make plastic material for bottled water, fill the bottle with water, transport it to the marketplaces throughout the world, and then handle the waster removals would be “…like filling up ¼ of every bottle with oil.”

Do People Actually Like Bottled Water?

Here’s something else to consider!

In blind taste tests most adults can’t tell the difference between bottled water and municipal water—they actually prefer the tap, or municipal water.

Bottled WaterKeep in mind, the plastic of bottled water can leach out toxic chemicals after a few weeks or months.  So, consider this insight if you decide to purchase bottled water from a store.  You may not know the shelf life and you may subject yourself to drinking plasticizers toxins and other toxic materials.

In the majority of cases bottled water is wasteful, less safe, and expensive when compared to most municipal or tap water.

Do yourself a favor and practice healthy habits by drinking tap water to help your budget, health, and environment.

As part of the Healthy Habits Detox Plan we facilitated a few weeks ago, did this article provide you with valid information to consider pertaining to your water drinking habit?

We ask you to please explain whether you will continue with drinking bottled water or revert back to a more reliable sources.

On the other hand, let us know if you find drinking bottled water is a healthy alternative.

Join in and please help us inspire action by sharing your thoughts and concerns!

About the author: George Zapo is certified in Public Health Promotion and Education (Kent State University). George provides informative articles promoting healthy behavior and lifestyles.

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  • Tina Bosela


    Great Article! I use to drink bottled water until I became aware that bottled water can leach out toxic chemicals and also can be harmful to your health.

    I do drink well water and had for most of my life. I can’t see paying for water when, in most cases, you can get it for free.

    Thanks for helping us to stay healthy.


    • Thank you, Tina!

      You also have to be careful with well water. In some cases well water contains arsenic, other pollutants, and toxins.

      It’s always best to use some form of filtering device, as well as getting the water tested for contaminants.

  • Sotiris Bassakaropoulos

    Hi George I do admit to drinking bottled water but am quite careful about which bottled water I drink, Depending upon it’s source.Plastic bottles do leach out chemicals so I would always advise drinking from glass bottles when possible. I would also recommend getting a good water ionizer for use in your own home even for cooking and showering as loads of toxic stuff including Fluoride are put in many water supplies it’s like drinking toxic waste, in fact that is what Fluoride is.

    It would cost millions to dump it as it is toxic waste so they put it in the water supply instead. Saving themselves a fortune in the process
    Ignoring these facts could be detrimental to the health of yourself and your family.
    I am not an advocate of drinking tap water as governments tend to lie about everything else like they have been lying for years about the health effects of fluoride. So I would only drink water from the tap if it has been filtered or preferably use an Ionizer for more health benefits. whenever possible..

    • Hello Sotiris; thanks for sharing your thoughts on this matter.

      You have a valid point in respect to toxin exposure in some municipal waters.

      Some municipalities have neglected their responsibilities and some have come short in providing protection.

      It’s always best to use filters and avoid plastics, whenever possible.

  • Matt


    Agreed on the safety of bottled Water vs Tap, but there are also some very scary things that have been found in municipal tap (as well as bottled) water especially in some Ohio Communities and in areas all over the US. The safest way to enjoy tap water is to filter it yourself, with one of the many home filtration systems available on the market. And don’t get me started about the impact on the environment all of those bottles cause. Bottom Line, have your water tested, filter it (Carbon Filtration or Reverse Osmosis “R/O” are the best) for clean, healthy water – and enjoy it in a reusable bottle or container that helps the environment!!

    • Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and suggestions on this topic, Matt!

      You’re absolutely right, in that you can’t be too sure of what you’re getting; especially when it comes from other sources out of your control as in the case of municipal or tap water.

  • Juan G Garcia

    Hi George, I use tap water without problem for everything.

    I know many people like bottled water, but I think they are wasting their money, really no persons know where that bottled water come from.

    Excellent post with good information on it.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this matter, Juan!

      I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on this important issue!

  • Katrina

    Have seen the same results on test carried out here in Australia….and watched a morning tv show do a blind testing of water and the majority of them went for tap water as a preference.

    For us personally we run our tap water through a filtration system that sits on our bench and drink out of that and cook in that water (holds about 11 litres when it’s full, we just keep an eye on the level at the top and keep it full)

    • It’s great to hear from you Katrina!

      Thank you for sharing your experience with regards to the safety of your drinking water.

      We appreciate you offering you and your family’s healthy habits!

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