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The dangerous soft drink

Cancer CodeMost people who know me are aware of my technical abilities; however, I spend a large part of my time in epidemiology, philosophical, and the study of human behavior.

The word, epidemiology is derived from the Greek language: Epi means “on or upon;” demos means “people;” and logia means “study of.”

Epidemiology is the study of what is upon people.  Epidemiology is the principle investigative arm in public health.

Through research, theory testing, and the discovery of explanations, epidemiology explains the causes of linked to public health we see in our communities.

Singapore study findings

A recent study by the University of Minnesota and the University of Singapore was brought to my attention and I feel compelled to share their findings pertaining to sugar-sweetened beverages (called soft drinks) and pancreatic cancer.

The study followed over 60,000 men and women in Singapore for over 14 years.

Data obtained from this study showed a substantial increase in pancreatic cancer—an astounding 87% increase of pancreatic cancer for individuals who drank 5 or more soft drinks a week.

Scientists suggest that the high levels of sugar in soft drink beverages boosted the insulin levels increasing pancreatic cancer risk.

When one consumes large amount of beverages containing sugar insulin is secreted substantially which in turn promotes the growth of cancer cells.

In lieu of these findings, the American Beverage Association rejects these clams with reference to the fact that National Cancer Institute does not list soft drinks as risk factors for pancreatic cancer.  Nonetheless, other studies, done in Sweden and the United States substantiate the original findings in the Singapore study.

Causes and prevention

We must keep in mind the exact cause of pancreatic cancer is unknown; however, smokers are 2-3 times more likely to get the disease; smoking is a major risk factor.

In addition, people who drink soft drinks may also smoke tobacco, be physically inactive, and not eat healthy and nutritious meals all of which can increase the risk of getting pancreatic cancer.  However, the studies show that there is evidence that soft drink consumption may well develop pancreatic cancer.

Well known individuals like Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs, Aretha Franklin, Luciano Pavarotti, and  U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg are battling pancreatic cancer; actor Patrick Swayze succumbed to the disease in September 2009.

It is of our best interest that in order to help maintain our weight and be healthy we should limit our consumption of sugar-sweetened soft drinks which will in turn reduce our risk of our getting many types of cancers and other serious diseases.

Moderation is good!

About the author: George Zapo CPH, is certified in Public Health Promotion and Education (Kent State University). George provides informative articles promoting healthy behavior and lifestyles.

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  • Afsar

    Thank you sir,

    The article regarding soft drinks cause to pancreatic cancer is absolutely helpful for me. I am sorry to say that I am a chain smoker , I am trying to stop smoking but it takes time…. Now second one is added to the list of avoiding … that is soft drinks.
    Looking forward to see more informative article regarding health.
    Thanks for the great information!

    Warm Regards,


    • Afsar,

      Thank you for taking time to read and comment on my writing! My goal is to share important and relevant information in order to help make our lives better. I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

      Take good care,

      George Zapo

  • Your good…

  • Wendy

    Thanks for reaffirming my decision to limit my family’s access to “pop” as we call it here. I cut it out of my shopping list about 2 years ago. The only time they drink it is at a fast food place which I wish I could get them away from also. I check every label of every drink for High Fructuse Corn Syrup also. One of the ones we are using now is Crystal Light Pure Fitness sweetened with Truvia. Anything with aspartame should be eliminated also (saccharin, sucralose, etc. also). Also new findings about the Caramel coloring in Cola can cause cancer. All the best!

    • Wendy,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insight! I was hoping to get the word out to as many people as possible–the statistics are staggering! I look forward to hearing from you in the future. Thank you for your offering!

      Take good care,

      George Zapo

  • Tina


    What a great article! I never would have considered that soft drinks can be linked to pancreatic cancer.
    I look forward to every article you post, they are so educational.

    Thank you,


    • Thank you, Tina! It’s amazing what we’re finding concerning public health. I’ll be sure to keep you informed of what I find.

      Take good care,

      George Zapo

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