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Fearing Fear and Anxiety in Our Lives

Often fearing fear and anxiety can become a problem in our lives.  We all know what it’s like to be afraid of something.

But what do we do to help eliminate these unwanted and painful intrusions to our lives?fearing fear

Fearing Fear and Anxiety

Fear is a normal reaction that warns us to be careful. Anxiety is slightly different.  Anxiety is a type of fear.  It deals more with the future and worry, rather than fearing something that is present.

Nonetheless, fearing fear, anxiety, and worry can cause harm to your mental and physical strength.  You might find yourself avoiding things that may create even more fear.

When fearing fear and anxiety becomes unbearable…making you feel sick or making you feel like shying away, do not ignore it.  Do what you can to learn how to cope and regain your strength.

Steps to Help Conquer Fear and Anxiety

The following are a few steps to help you gain more control of your life and eliminate fearing fear, anxiety, and worry.

  • Control Your Breathing — The way you’re breathing is important. Once you begin to realize you start fearing fear and you’re becoming fearful, take time out and focus on your breathing.  In most cases, short breathing facilitates anxiety. Short breathing causes a variety of negative reactions in your body.  These negative reactions develop into an anxiety attack. One way to overcome rapid outbreaks of anxiety is to control your breathing.  Deep breathing is not complicated.  Start by taking in a deep breath…then slowly let it out. Pay attention to how you exhale; making sure your exhale is longer than your inhale. One of the major benefits of deep breathing is that it physically calms you.
  • Use Your Imagination — Use your imagination to overcome fear. Imagination gives us creativity, power, and the capability to think in ways to benefit us.  Unfortunately, imagination can also cause us to think negatively…magnifying our fears…causing us to think of our adverse situation much worse than it actually is. A preventive way to prepare yourself for times you might start fearing fear and anxiety is to choose a time when you’re calm and relaxed. Close your eyes and imagine you’re at peace…be it sitting on a sea shore, walking in the woods…anytime you feel at peace with yourself.  When, and if you start fearing fear or anxiety, remember your imagined scenarios to help you get through the actual ordeal more peacefully.
  • Learn All About Your Fears — Learning more about your fears can be difficult. However, it’s entirely necessary. Overcoming a fear that’s hidden in your subconscious is something you must come face-to-face with. When facing your fear, you will notice things about it that you didn’t know before. This understanding helps you overcome it. Additionally, help yourself by keeping a journal and record any patterns you notice. Write down anything that seems noteworthy and important. Transferring your fear patterns and symptoms into writing can help throw light on them…exposing specific fears and anxiety patterns that are no longer so gigantic and overwhelming once you come face-to-face with them.  Moreover, learning all about your fear gives you inspiration and knowledge on how to counter them.
  • Use Nature — Talking with a doctor or therapist is an exceptional way to cope with your fears and anxiety and help you to feel better. But, we can’t always see a doctor or therapist. On the other hand, nature has a way of calming people.  Walks through the park, on a beach, in the woods, or anywhere where there is green helps in changing moods and in reducing stress levels. Plus, the physical activity of jogging or walking requires us to think in a different way – helping to overcome the fearing fear and anxiety we’re feeling, causing a switch from irrational fearful thoughts to clearer thinking.

Be Kind to Yourself

It’s important to face your fears and anxieties so they don’t weaken and debilitate you.  Search for ways to control and become a master of your life.

Perhaps, what’s most important is that you be kind to yourself. Do what you would advise others to do.  Don’t become a victim of fearing fear, anxiety, and worry.  Ignore the negative.  Be your own best friend!

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